Call for Abstracts

Abstract submissions now open for POSTER submissions ONLY

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Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Delegates who would like to present oral or poster presentations are invited to submit an abstract for consideration and inclusion in the academic programme.

Please submit your abstract as per the detailed instructions in one of the following categories:

  • Hormone dependent cancers
  • Nuclear receptor signalling
  • Steroidogenesis, disorders, and diseases
  • Steroids and Metabolic diseases
  • All abstracts must be submitted in English. The maximum length for an abstract is 300 words.
  • The abstract should include objectives, methods, results and a conclusion. Conclusions to be supported by data. The abstract should be self-contained and understandable. References, tables, figures should not be included.
  • All abstracts will be reviewed by an International Abstract Review committee. The committee will select abstracts for oral or poster presentations.
  • All presenting authors are requested to register for the congress by 31 August 2018. If no registration and payment for the congress has been received by this deadline, the presentation will not be listed in the programme. This measure has been taken to overcome any “no-shows” disrupting the programme.
  • Only one submission will be allowed per presenter due to possible programme limitations.
  • Where possible abstracts will be published as received and the organisers reserve the right to make changes for editing purposes. It is the responsibility of the main author to ensure that submitted abstracts have been edited before submission to minimise errors in the programme.
  • Conflict of Interest: If the research is funded (partially or fully) by a proprietary organisation, a statement to that effect must be included at the bottom of the abstract.

Online abstract submissions will be open until the deadline of 10 August 2018.

Please Note: Abstracts sent by mail, direct e-mail, or fax cannot be accepted.